YouTuber Abusing the Copyright Strike System over an Opinion

You may or may not have heard in the YouTube news lately that a YouTuber, JustDestiny falsely copyright strikes a kid’s YouTube video over giving an opinion on his content. LtCobra, 15, from the U.K. made a video (which has now been restored but was previously taken down by JustDestiny) on JustDestiny and his questionable content of using underaged kids in his videos and thumbnails of them looking and acting sexualized. LtCobra said in the video, ‘Is this guy a nonce, or does he just like to clickbait underaged kids?’ which led to JustDestiny filing a fraudulent copyright strike against the video. In a debate, JustDestiny did with Keemstar of DramaAlert, he admitted to abusing the copyright strike system because of “Slander”. Falsely striking a video or anything you do not own legally own, is illegal under the DMCA act and can lead to legal action being taken against the false claimant. More on Consequences for False DMCA. LtCobra’s video did not slander JustDestiny in any shape or form and WAS an opinion. Why would someone take down a video based on an opinion if they are innocent? We ask ourselves this still. Now we aren’t saying that JustDestiny is a ‘nonce’ or a ‘paedo’, but it makes you wonder why he was so eager to get that video taken down. In the debate with Keemstar of DramaAlert, a screenshot showed that JustDestiny was suspended from using the copyright strike system. According to LtCobra’s Twitter, JustDestiny’s attorney threatened to sue him for slander.