Partnered with AudioMack!

We are pleased to announce that we have integrated Audiomack as a Digital Service Provider for Terrabyte Studios! With this integration, we will be able to deliver and pitch releases fitting their scope and focus for inclusion in their service. Clients of Terrabyte Studios, as long as the genre of the product fits the scope of Audiomack, will see the DSP in the DSP spreadsheet when preparing a release.

“I am thrilled to have Terrabyte Studios’ talented record labels and artists a part of this cutting edge platform and company. Audiomack has differentiated itself from the pack with their unique curation and attention to detail and we’re excited about them featuring content from our distributed labels and artists.”

– Terrabyte Studios Founder, Jake Cossington

About Audiomack

Founded in 2012 by friends and co-founders Dave Ponte and David Macli, Audiomack exists as a youth-driven, artist-first music streaming platform. Over the years, it has been on the forefront of watershed moments in hip-hop and greater music culture. Key releases on the platform include Chance The Rapper’s seminal ‘Acid Rap’ mixtape, J. Cole’s fabled ‘Truly Yours 1 and 2’, and most recently, the premiere of Eminem’s eviscerating Machine Gun Kelly diss track “Kill Shot.”

In that breath, Audiomack is focused on more than just hip-hop and electronic music. Latin, reggae, afrobeat, and other emerging genres can find a home and hungry audience on the platform. Artist-first in their ethos, Audiomack not only has direct licensing deals with artists, but also has licensing deals with powerhouse companies such as Empire, 300, Mad Decent, Foundation, and more. With over one million daily active users, Audiomack exists now as a cutting edge streaming platform engrossed in music culture and consistently moving music forward.