Spotify Playlist Pitching: Get Your Music in the top Spotify Playlists

Finding your way on to one of Spotify’s massive playlists can literally make your music career in one day. The incredible and varied selection of playlists offer something for everyone and bring in tens of millions of listeners around the world every week to hear the new tracks selected for that playlist.

When you upload your music to Spotify with us at RouteNote you’re taking your first step to being featured in a massive playlist that puts you in front of millions of new fans!

Just having your music available on Spotify is the biggest thing you can do to have a chance at being featured in any of the massive playlists on Spotifybut there’s a couple of ways you can make it more likely to get picked.

Send your music directly to Spotify

Spotify have just added a new section in their artist hub – Spotify for Artists – where artists can send their music straight to Spotify’s playlist curators who will listen to it and add it to their playlists if they like it.

The feature is currently in beta but is available for everyone. From your Spotify for Artists account head to Spotify Analytics and select one unreleased song of yours to submit to the team.

Spotify’s team of editors, curators and influencers will give your track a listen and if they feel it fits one of their editorial playlists you could be one of the 75,000 artists features on playlists every single week. Even more, it increases your chance to end up on a listener’s Discover Weekly which introduces 150,000 artists to new fans every week.

Upload your music to RouteNote

You need a distributor before you can get your music on Spotify and we’re the perfect stop for you – it’s entirely free to use us and our simple process means your music gets delivered to the world’s biggest stores and streamers in no time.

Once your up on Spotify your music is available around the world for hundreds-of-millions of people. This means it could be picked up by anyone whether it be Spotify staff, musos, influencers or even just someone that wants to share a cool new track they found with all of their friends and family.

As well, we listen to every single song that comes through Terrabyte Studios. When we find something we really like we send it to Spotify with a recommendation and has led to features on some massive playlists.