What We Offer

What we offer for artists and labels, rights holders, and managers.

  • Music Distribution

    We offer digital Music Distribution to over 250 stores for FREE.

  • Fully Independent

    You are fully independent, we allow you to make your own choices and how your music is sold.

  • Content ID Protection

    We can add your music to YouTube's, Facebook's and Soundcloud's Content ID systems allowing us to protect your music and earn you revenue!

  • Fastest Distributor

    We can have your music on most stores within just 24 hours! We are THE fastest distributor!

  • Music Publishing

    Collect royalties from Live Performances, Covers, Compositions, Radio, and more! Get registered with ASCAP, SOCAN, BMI and many others.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    We can help you market your releases and pitch them to our partners for a chance to be promoted on their service!

  • Transparent

    We are fully transparent. Nothing is hidden from you.

  • Film Distribution

    If you make films and wish to sell them on Amazon, Walmart, etc, then we can help you sell your films!


About Us

Terrabyte Studios started as a YouTube Sub-Network under VOUStudios in 2015, but is now a Digital Distributor who distribute to over 250+ stores and platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Vevo, Soundcloud, Facebook and more. At current, Terrabyte Studios has over 1000 tracks in their catalog representing more than 300 artists and 100 labels and other rights holders.

Meet Our Team

The People behind Terrabyte Studios.

  • Jake Cossington

    Jake Cossington


  • Austin Straniere

    Austin Straniere


  • Mark Davison

    Mark Davison


  • Arunan Vijayakumaran

    Arunan Vijayakumaran

    Business Development

  • Chelsey Flynn

    Chelsey Flynn

    Social Media Staff

  • Moussa Fenac

    Moussa Fenac

    Support Staff

  • Marcus Kay-Willcox

    Marcus Kay-Willcox

    Social Media Manager

  • Lee Rowson

    Lee Rowson

    Support Staff

What Clients Say

What our clients about us!

  • Terrabyte Studios hugely has helped me in my music career. I started my music career with them and they quickly took me onboard, took my music to platforms for my audience to hear and helped me grow and develop as an artist. I highly recommend them to anyone.
    Mathew Vexahh

    Mathew Vexahh


  • We love working with Terrabyte Studios - They provide us their clients music for us to use in our films. By us doing that gives the artist, Terrabyte and us more exposure. We are truly glad to work with them.
    Mark Davison

    Mark Davison

    CEO, Flex Media Group

  • Love working with Terrabyte Studios - They allow artists of any size and background to get any type of music onto all major platforms. Without them, I wouldn't have my music on stores.
    Melissa Jackson

    Melissa Jackson

    Independent Artist


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